Marshmallow Test


A zine about self control.

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Perhaps you are familiar with the two-option version of the classic Marshmallow Test, wherein you can have one now or two later? Something about “self control” and children and how there are two kinds of young people, good and bad, I guess. In this version there are eight options (ooo ahh). Potentially there are as many options for the test as there are misunderstandings of what motivates young people, so, infinity. But this is one has 8.

I encourage you to try them all, and/or to play them with a friend, if possible. Is this a game? Kind of.

Printed and assembled by hand to order. Colors vary, but typically a combination of candy pinks, blues, and yellows. Occasionally wacky-zacky greens, purples, and oranges, too, because I get this paper in rainbow variety packs which means anything is possible.

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